Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy week

Where did the week go. We received 43 new batiks today, batiks are my favorite. When I opened the store over 6 years ago one of my goals was to fill our entire back wall with Batiks, we're almost there. We also received a fabulous floral from Blank Textiles in brown and teal and Loralie Cat Ladies, super cute. Our sales rep. was in today from Westminster Fibers and Free Spirit, we purchased some great stuff.

Moda has a fun collection Summer Fun. I couldn't decide which prints to buy so I bought the entire collection and it's due to arrive April 15th. Speaking of April 15th, we are having a Tax Free Sale. April 15th - 18th we are paying the tax on all merchandise purchases (excluding Handi Quilter Merchandise).

We have been receiving shipments almost everyday. It's fabulous!

Wishing everyone a happy Holiday,


  1. Can't wait to see the fabrics. see you on Tuesday. rl

  2. Pagen, what a great story about how you came to open your shop! And it is such a great shop, you always carry the really great fabrics that I LOVE. I really had no idea you had only been open six years though! It seems much longer then that (not that I have known about your store that long, but because you are so good at it, it just seemed like you have had the store for a really long time). I don't get to get in as often as I would like, unfortunetly I have had a lot of surgeries and it seems like every time I am finally recovered from one, it is time for another!! Hopefully soon there won't be anymore to endure and I will get to spend lots of time at your store, I really look forward to learning how to use the long arm. I have a mid arm frame at home (a little Gracie II) and a really great sewing machine that I use on it but it is all free hand and I am not very good at it yet. With all the surgeries and such I haven't had a lot of practice, also I need to get a stitch regulator for it, that would make it much less intimadating!